• Susan
  • Owner
  • School

We have been using the Smart online management software since we opened in September 2007. They have always been eager to help us out with all our set up and technical support needs. They are very easy to work with and they are always available. I am looking forward to our new relationship we are developing as our Third Party Servicer, as I know they will have our best interests at hand.

  • James
  • Owner
  • School

We started using the SMART system 12 years ago, and switched to the online version of SMART last year. The ability to view and add to student records where ever you have an internet connection is priceless. We also switched to the Biometric Time Clock. The time clock has worked perfectly. Our students no longer have to stand in a long line trying to scan a bar code, or spend time looking for a lost time card. The support staff has been wonderful. I would like to give special thanks to John and Jenna. They respond immediately to any questions that we have.

  • Carol
  • Director
  • Cosmetology

Thank you, to the employees at SMART. We appreciate all the help you have given us over the years. Every time we have had an issue the employees at SMART have responded, and are always very pleasant and willing to help. Thanks again for being there when we need you!

  • Shanon
  • Owner
  • School

I have a smaller school in Missouri and just recently started using the Smart program. I absolutely LOVE it! It is so easy to get used to, and the time you would spend daily inputting student info is drastically reduced. The accessibility to any regulatory reports is great.... push a button, done! That in itself, is a time-saver, and a life-saver. And the help, if you need it from the company, is phenomenal! I don't know if I'm supposed to mention any employee in particular, but Ryan H. is awesome! If I have a question or problem, I shoot him an e-mail, and I get an answer or phone call in a very timely manner. This is extremely helpful when you want to get your work done. I couldn't be more pleased! This is probably the single most, best investment I've made.

  • Dana
  • Director
  • Cosmetology School

8/26/2015 Karla, I’m getting ready to take over the ledgers here and just ran through the Ledger and Fin Aid training on you tube. As usual, you never disappoint! I can’t tell you how impressed I have been, since day one working here, with SMART’s customer service and your training. Every time we “chat”, I learn something new and valuable and I am so appreciative. Not to mention, you always seem so cheerful which is AWESOME and refreshing (how do you do that, anyway??). I could go on and on about how essential you have been to my success here. Please just know I am grateful for your continued customer service and training. If I can be half as effective in my role as you are in yours, I would be satisfied (until then, I will be a work in progress)  Dana

  • Mark
  • IT Support Manager
  • University

8/26/2015 We have been using SMART for tracking our students’ time for quite a few years now. I have been in my position as IT Support Manager for almost nine years. I have yet to interact with software or hardware vendors or their tech support that even come close to how much respect I get when speaking with the SMART customer support team. I’ve found that even if I can’t solve an issue right away, the best course of action is always to empower the client and ensure them that a solution will be in place as quickly as possible. This sets their mind at ease. SMART customer support is never condescending; that goes a long way toward ensuring that a client will be loyal. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Jordan R., in particular. He made a very stressful, and potentially horrible situation, palatable and gave me the confidence to ensure my clients that they would be back in the system before long.

  • Ami
  • Director
  • Beauty School

10/2/2015 We are extremely happy with SMART!!!!! Best thing we’ve ever done for the company!

  • Tami
  • School Owner
  • NIBS

1/29/2016 Our school began to use Smart to help us keep in compliance with changing rules and regulations. The team at Smart keep up with the changes and are always up-dating the program to have the reports needed as changes happen to keep our files up to date on our students.. This program is so easy to use and had great training to get us started. From time sheets to Progress reports, it even helps us track the Ledger balances on our students and so much more. Our State inspector commented that our files are the best in our county since we started with SMART. Now that we are working with Dept. of Ed. funds this program has continued to meet all of our needs.

  • Michelle
  • Owner
  • ASI

1/29/2016 The SMART system organizes every single ounce of our student information, in one spot. With a click of a mouse you can access data that you didn't even image, and its in front of you! Reports and summaries for everything under the sun! For title IV data submission and reports you can't beat the simplicity and organization that this system allows for you. But the best part of all...in the event that you DO need assistance, help is an instant away. I have NEVER waited for response longer than 20 minutes. And usually its a phone call!!! Imagine that? A live person!!!!! One stop shopping for student data organization, time clock and managing title IV requirements and all necessary reports to federal agencies. Your entire school is at your fingertips in a second ...I wouldn't ever go without this system and this company!

  • Bonnie
  • Registrar
  • WBA

1/28/2016 SMART allows me to easily track prospective students. I love being able to import the ISIRs directly into their profiles. The follow up feature and the ability to message prospects 24/7 has been very helpful as well. Whenever I have a question, the support staff has responded almost immediately to resolve the issue. I also enjoy the regular training sessions and appreciate the fact that they are available on YouTube in case I miss something or need a quick review.

  • Cheryl
  • Director
  • WBA

1/27/2016 We used a competitor product for years, and there were shortcomings with it. We had a demo of SMART and fell in love. I have everything about all the students at 2 schools at my fingertips at all times. It works on my phone, too. I can send a message to students at 6am if we have a weather related closure. I can instantly know if a student is in SAP, when their last date attended was, and make comments. As someone who works with Financial Aid, it's wonderful to have the R2T4 calculated for me, to have the SAP's scheduled and ready to run, and the Award Letters & anticipated disbursements at the push of a button. I can not speak highly enough of this system.

  • Jessica
  • Financial Aid Officer
  • TSPA

1/20/2016 I have 10 yrs of experience in Financial Aid and previous schools I've worked for housed their FA data on Quickbooks, EdExpress and the rest on Excel sheets. To gather data for DOE reports was a time consuming task and at times quite frustrating. My experience with the SMART system is heaven sent and my first couple of months using it I was amazing how "smart" the system actually is. Everything is so simple to understand and even the Help Guide gives you understandable instructions. I can't thank enough to their support staff, Jordan and Joe and to Karla for her webinars. They all have been so helpful and a delight to speak with. I actually look forward to DOE reports now, a simple click and my reports are generated. Thank you everyone at SMART!

  • Marge
  • Financial Services Director
  • AHD & RKA

I love being able to Text and E/M through SMART. Love the Eval Report created to comply with ED's SAP ruling. Love SMART listens to what we need and creates reports and systems to fit our needs. The SMART Support Team is Fantastic. They always take the time to answer our questions and fully understand our needs. Also the fact they e/m us reports that assist in completing IPED, GE, 1098T's and NACCAS reports. SMART Manual is great and training segments fantastic that we can view and review at our convenience. SMART systems make my life easier. Thanks

  • Lupita
  • Financial Aid Manger
  • CCI

7/28/2016 I really like this using smart system is very easy to use . It makes me do my job faster and with less complications. Customer service is great always willing to help you. It allows me to keep documents on the students profiles, I can do the R2T4, the reports that Smart provides are great.

  • Emily
  • Director
  • Paul Mitchell

7/28/2016 Amazing Company!!! I love Smart and would absolutely recommend it to everyone! It is so user friendly and you can always talk to someone if you need any help. User friendly and always someone available to help or lead in the right direction.

  • Maryann
  • Director
  • Massage School

7/28/2016 We Love SMART! Our training specialist, Karla is amazing. She is cheerful and easy to follow. Being new to the system she has gone above and beyond our expectations by providing excellent customer service. She has given us many tools and shared best practices that have propelled our growth. Love the reporting! Customer care is above and beyond. Always available. Advice to Buyers: We needed a software that would require us to collect the appropriate data leading us to our compliance and outcomes. SMART does the job and more! I have used other programs and this one is superior.

  • Gloria
  • School Manager
  • CIC

7/28/2016 Amazing customer services!! Every time we call smart system for help or guidance in how to use the program we receive the best customer service, their patience, professionalism and ethical work is fantastic! Pros of the system: Everything!

  • Shannon
  • Student Services Cordinator
  • Aveda Institute

7/28/2016 WOWZA!!!!! I am so excited that SMART has created this software for our students!!!! EASY to use, provides TONS of information and gives the student access to their hours, grades, and schedule on a daily basis!! Easy to use, provides hours, school schedule and grades at a glance! Students can take more responsibility for their hours! HELPFUL tech support on the occasion it is needed!!!